Basic Objectives of DRNVJIRD

  1. To provide Vocational Training and skill development in Agriculture to rural poor youth of farming community so as to equip them with the latest technologies in Agriculture.
  2. To develop confidence in trainees so as to enable them to take up own farming in their respective villages as a livelihood and help other farmers of the villages as model farmers.
  3. To develop appropriate curriculum based on the available literature such that the trainees get thorough knowledge and practice in the current and advanced agricultural technologies.
  4. To establish and conduct classes for the trainees/ students in the field of crop production, seed production, integrated nutrient, pest and disease management.
  5. To undertake, promote, guide in the area of agricultural practices in the field of water, nutrients, pests and disease management.
  6. To provide hands on field training by integrating with class room teaching in crop production and seed production.
  7. To act as a clearing house of information not only in research but in all agricultural matters related to the curriculum and best practices in the Agricultural Industry.
  8. To collaborate with institutions, organizations, associations and societies and service organizations interested in similar objects.
  9. To establish and maintain a research and reference library based on the objects of the institute and furnish with books, reviews, magazines, news papers and other literature pertaining to agriculture.